Having a Non-Stress test (an NST) is a common way for doctors and medical professionals to monitor a baby’s vitals (including his/her heartbeat) while in utero, but until now it has required moms-to-be to make a trip to the hospital or to a doctor’s office for the procedure. For moms who want to labor as long as possible at home, who live far away from their medical provider, or who are higher risk and may need more regular contact with their provider but don’t want to run back and forth to the hospital to be hooked up to monitoring machines, Apple just announced a new way to record and send the info, all from the comfort of  home: with the help of the Apple Watch.

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The Apple Watch works in conjunction with Airstrip, a fetal monitoring app, and the Sense4Baby wireless monitoring system. The Sense4Baby monitor was acquired by Airstrip in April as a non-invasive and mobile alternative to the traditional Non-Stress Test and features a battery-powered belly band (which can also monitor the length and strength of contractions as well). The band records the baby’s heartbeat and syncs it with information gathered by the Apple Watch, including the mother’s heartbeat (which is collected simply by wearing the watch). Mom’s pulse and baby’s are both available and differentiated on the screen, a distinction that was lacking and confusing in previous home monitoring systems. A wireless, HIPAA-compliant cloud technology transmits the information to your medical professional to be examined as to whether further medical attention is necessary. The Airstrip has already monitored over 3.5 million babies by wirelessly connecting moms and their medical teams from within hospitals, but this collaboration with Apple brings the technology into private homes and allows for a less stressful way for moms, babies, and medical professional to communicate and collaborate for health.

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