Cloth diaperers can welcome a new reusable system into their fold (or would that be prefold?) From our Canadian neighbors up north comes AppleCheeks, a line of two-sizes-fit-all washable diapers that touts a snugger, slimmer fit. Read more after the jump to see what makes them tick…

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Designed and made in Montreal, each AppleCheeks diaper comprises a breathable polyurethane-laminate, microfleece-lined snap cover (available in 10 colors), a removable hemp or bamboo insert, and optional “absorbency boosters” for the diuretically inclined.

But what distinguishes AppleCheeks from its competitors is its three-pronged approach to customer service. In addition to downloadable care instructions, the company offers live-person support through its toll-free number (877-8-APPLE-8) and 24-hour e-mail turnaround, as well as video tutorials for newbies.

+ Envelope Covers $18 each; One-Size Inserts $8-$9.50 at Kelly’s Closet

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