AREAWARE | Dovetail Animals by Karl Zahn from AREAWARE on Vimeo.

Karl Zahn’s Dovetail Animals for Areaware come in five styles: alligator, alpaca, dog, elephant and horse. Choose a favorite animal, or for even more fun buy two or three, or more to mix and match. Kids will love creating new creatures such as an ele-gator, alli-hor-paca, or other funny fantasy animals made by putting the parts together in different and unexpected ways. See the possibilities in the video above.

Zahn’s collection of animals is made from solid beech wood, and finished with natural tung oil.

+ Dovetail Alligator $19.00

+ Dovetail Alpaca $19.00

+ Dovetail Dog $19.00

+ Dovetail Elephant $19.00

+ Dovetail Horse $19.00

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