It’s hard to believe this meticulously-detailed train sculpture was carved from an ordinary pencil! The creation of Nebraska-based artist Cindy Chinn, the carven train seems to emerge from the pencil’s wooden body — on graphite tracks. The incredible train sculpture is just 3/16 of an inch tall, coasting along a 5 5/8 inch pencil.

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Most would think a normal Number 2 carpenter’s pencil would not be big enough to carve anything into let alone an entire steam engine train. Not intimidated by its small size, Chinn set to work to bring the historic engine to life by chipping away the wood and soft graphite. Using the skills she honed carving reclaimed wood at larger sizes, she scaled down her tools to try her hand at tiny carving.

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In addition to a graphite train, Chinn carved a graphite set of trestle tracks, and a bridge for her train. The trestle and train rest securely on the carpenter pencil base, where the train’s engine emerges near the point of the pencil. Other carved graphite train cars pass through a wooden bridge in the middle of the pencil, clad in the pencil’s signature yellow paint. The pieces are held tight with the aid of glue that keeps everything securely in place.

Chinn also mounted the carpenter pencil carving on stilts, to allow viewers to examine her fine carving and extreme detail.

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