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Zinn’s street art is of the temporary variety, washing away with the rain, snow or a simple street cleaner. His ground-level murals and installations are made from mostly chalk, charcoal and found objects. Each piece is totally improvised on site, and responds to the landscape surrounding them, incorporating puddles, stray patches, cracks and broken bricks into Sluggo’s narratives.

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The green Sluggo can be recognized by his stalk eyes, and his fearlessness, known for jaunting all over Ann Arbor and getting into loads of trouble. Zinn has drawn the slug marching through double yellow painted lines, tracking yellow foot prints along his way, or running frantically with his pig friend Philomenia through a busy crowd. Characters often sit on curbs, with the scene stretching to the street below, using the separation of space to further the illusion and bring it into the three-dimensional realm.

Each piece is given added magic with its angled perspective, making the flat chalk drawing appear three-dimensional from certain angles, enhancing the fantastical quest of finding Sluggo around the city for local kids.

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