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You may think twice the next time your child breaks a favorite toy, and take inspiration from Jobbins’ creativity. The South African artist was first inspired by classic fruit and vegetable paintings by Guiseppe Archimboldo, and decided to try her hand at assembling her own 3D collages with old doll parts and toy pieces.

The resulting conglomerations are both clever and eerie, at first appearing like somewhat monstrous faces, but with a closer look, the lives of former toys reveal themselves. Perhaps the most haunting are Jobbins’ sculptures of classic Roman sculptures, using only flesh colored baby doll parts. Closer inspection of each piece reveals a morbid collage of baby arms, mouths, and torsos that would frighten any adult let alone child.

A cast of different wheels from toy cars are repurposed into a quirky Afro in Jobbins’ portrait of Whoopi Goldberg, who also sports eyebrows made of doll arms and a green collar made from Shrek toys. Her Batman bust is appropriately made from repurposed parts of old Batman figurines, forming the Dark Knight’s head, with a round baby doll belly as his chin.

Jobbins’ intricate sculptures upcycle a disused element of childhood into very adult, if not scary, works of art.

+ Freya Jobbins

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