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Stoneking’s dissections are knit in lurid detail, including anatomically correct innards that are completely cruelty-free. The imaginative artist’s pieces look remarkably like the science projects in school that caused such anguish for animal-loving children, down to the metal tray display. Each knit animal’s insides are splayed open, with cross sections of each tummy held in place with metal dissection pins. The knit tummy layers are pulled away to reveal a complete knit inside of colorful organs, with various colors and yarn textures used for different parts.

The aKNITomy animals have light blue yarn intestines swirling into an organ stomach and purple kidney. With the fuzzy knit yarn body parts, the macabre aspect of dissection is totally removed, and instead becomes a happy learning module for the body which combines science and stuffed animals.

Stoneking’s pieces also dabble in the simply fun, with dissections of a gray alien, and the Easter Bunny, which reveals a body full of Easter eggs! The entire aKNITomy series is available in Stoneking’s Etsy store, as well as via patterns to knit your own dissections!

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+ Emily Stoneking’s aKNITomy

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