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The collaborative pieces fuse the adorable child-like strokes of two year-old Eve, with Oosterman’s classic figurative painting style. Eve’s drawings are made using a black ink pen on watercolor paper. Her mother doesn’t give Eve any instructions or direction — only the art materials.

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After Eve has spent some time making her sketches and drawings, they are presented to Oosterman. Using an intuitive approach, Oosterman works quickly, transforming Eve’s sketches into the first thing that comes to mind, leaning of course toward fantasy and play, rather than trying to refine a two year-old’s drawings.

Remarkably, Oosterman follows Eve’s lines, letting them inspire a narrative that would look at home in a children’s book. Adding line as well as watercolor, the resulting pieces show scenes of children exploring a sleepy lagoon by boat, a regal looking elephant clad in a crown, or a prismatic fantastical tree with a library inside. Each of Oosterman’s additions are left drippy and slightly messy to emulate her daughter’s strokes, creating harmony.

Oosterman’s collaborations with her daughter are not only inspiring, but create fantastic memories that the family can look back on, and hold as new family heirlooms.

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