Unless you’re extremely fortunate, as a parent you have likely experienced at least one phase when your child has been mutinying against sleep. Such was the case with little Ben, whose family had recently moved. Knowing that Ben was in need of a little coaxing to adjust to his new sleeping arrangements, his dad called Crispin Young Wilson, an artist friend, who came bearing stencils, glow-in-the-dark paint, and a whole lot of galactic inspiration. Wilson hand-painted a jaw-dropping, luminous scene that depicts the sky at night with mountains and trees fringing the walls — and a ceiling covered with stars and variegated shades of blue and black. Of course, Ben was powerless to resist the charms of his new bedroom, especially since the celestial features are only visible when the lights are off at bedtime. After all, it’s not every night you see shooting stars and glowing northern lights. Although we’ve made it a general goal NOT to fall asleep in our kids’ rooms while putting them to bed, we think we’d have to make an exception if such a gorgeous, calming, and meditative scene adorned our kid’s ceiling.

via Bored Panda