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As Eve has grown over the past year, mother Ruth has introduced new art supplies into her junior artist’s stable. In addition to a felt tip pen that provides sketchy outlines for Ruth to play with, Eve also employs some of her mom’s more sophisticated mediums, using her hands and fingers to apply color and pigment to the page. The resulting pieces give Ruth masses of color to become inspired by, rather than just simple lines.

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Each of the pair’s works of art start with quick sketches from Eve, who doodles and marks high quality watercolor paper before handing if off to Ruth. Keeping with Eve’s fast pace, Ruth analyzes her daughter’s markings, and lets her creativity hone in on the imagery that comes to mind. Eve’s doodles sometimes inspire serious scenes, but Ruth lets her imagination guide the way, without limiting imagery. Some pieces develop into full scenes, while others become child-like sketches of characters.

Mother and daughter plan to continue their partnership of making inspiring paintings that come from important family time.

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