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Creative kiddies are always scribbling their imaginative doodles in crayon and pencil, leaving us with masterpieces to tack onto the refrigerator. Parents love keeping the adorable drawings as a memento of the innocent days when their children were young.

Paying tribute to his own innocence, Pieper is revisiting his own history. The Dutch artist began keeping a sketchbook at the ripe age of four, doodling and rendering everything from bugs to cars to buildings he saw growing up in Rotterdam. Trained as a fine artist, Pieper decided to go back to his roots, digging up the pads of paper that started his interest in art.

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The kid drawings all show characters and figures in simple lines, which Pieper used as a starting point. His skinny whale with oblong tale was given realistic grey skin, and an underwater home. An antennaed snail oozes out of a teeny tiny yellow shell, while a plump fly hovers mid-flight. Pieper’s childlike perspective is shown off in an image of a speeding car, skewed in proportion with a giant door and huge hood.

The surrealist drawings are an interesting collaboration between the artist’s past and present, creating a new body of work inspired by his own childhood.

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