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At first look, Cyrus’ Instagram feed looks like any other celebrity fan thread, with colorfully posed images of contemporary and historic female icons in fancy dress and immaculate make up. Their perfection gives away the fact that they couldn’t possibly be real — that and the vacant look in their eyes.

Each one-of-a-kind doll is meticulously crafted by Cyrus’ hand, with careful attention paid to each character’s make up, clothing, hair, and facial structure. He hand sews each outfit to perfection, but the true magnificence comes in his hand-cast heads. In order to get the accurate and diverse cheek bones, noses and facial features of his bevy of characters, Cyrus often sculpts then casts a new head to be custom painted, with teeny tiny brushes that consist of just a few strands.

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Cyrus has become quiet popular amongst fans, who order enough of his custom dolls to keep him making dolls full time. Along with popular singers, Cyrus has also rendered a collection of Old Hollywood dolls like Audrey Hepburn, as well as strong female heroes like Wonder Woman and Katniss Eberdeen from The Hunger Games Trilogy. Each doll can fetch between $250 and $1500.

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