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Asai’s new mural shows a vibrant forest, full of life that sprouts around the blue-hued classroom. Called “Sprouting life in the forest- Fatherly Tree, Motherly Mountain,” the scene shows cycles of the birth of life, in both the animal and the plant world. Shades of red, brown and tan adorn the room to create bold patterns and figures. A tree of life swirls in the corner of the room, spreading its branches across the walls. Leaves sprout from the branches in all sizes, some seeming to furl to the ground. Squiggles and patterns break up the space, joining the mud-painted foliage. Along with multi-hued foliage, Asai’s mural shows local animals, birds and insects. For this mural, the artist also included the children who attend the school. Each student dipped their hand in Asai’s mud mixture, and printed their hands on the walls and ceiling. The handprints were then transformed into flying birds that frolic amongst the tree. Like his previous mural, the Maharashtra mural is completely washable, made only from dirt and mud. The students can then participate in the clean-up, bringing the project full circle.

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