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Obtaining, de-labeling, cleaning, and organizing 10,000 plastic bottles is no small feat, and Von Wong enlisted the help of many eager volunteers. A waste management company donated the bottles, and a friend and former client of Von Wong’s offered up his warehouse as a space to stage the photo shoot.

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Von Wong and friends also designed and created the mermaid costumes, did makeup, rigged the camera, and spent an entire day trying to figure out the most visually interesting patterns and configurations of the water bottles. During the shoot, volunteers would arrange the bottles in swirls or patterns, reorganize them according to color, and then start the whole process over for a new and different shot.

Von Wong hopes the “Mermaids Hate Plastic” project will inspire others to think more about reusing and recycling and about the tremendous impact on the environment each person can make. Share this video to spread awareness about plastic pollution and see more about Von Wong’s artistic process. You can also sign the Mermaids Hate Plastic Pledge to Re-Use water bottles and reduce or eliminate the plastic in your life.

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