The Monster Project is made up of a group of multi-disciplinary artists who were inspired to create something in response to the diminishing emphasis on the arts in elementary schools across the country. Wanting to reinvigorate the creativity of young children, they decided to ask kids to draw their craziest, zaniest, creepiest monsters and send them in to the collective. By giving no bounds other than drawing fantastical creatures, the project also hopes to encourage kids to be unique and individual in their creativity.

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Once kids turn in their drawings, the monsters get the artist treatment, in varying mediums depending on which artist from the collective receives it. Seeing their ideas grow into professional paintings, sculptures and imagery builds confidence and a love for art.

In addition to bringing The Monster Project to more kids, the second wind will also bring the Monster Project Activity Book to more kids. With the book, every kid can enjoy 40 magical pages full of monsters, drawing prompts, and other adventures that will get their creative juices flowing.

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