In the current world of fast fashion, As We Grow is a refreshing alternative that prizes timeless and sustainable design over convenience and cutting corners. The Icelandic children’s clothing company was created with the idea of making quality, long-lasting garments that integrate ethics, thoughtfulness, and a long life cycle for each piece, every step of the way. Designed in Iceland and made by indigenous women in Peru, As We Grow clothing should last several lifetimes, at least in kids’ clothing time: the pieces are cut and sized generously so they can last kids years instead of months and can then be passed down to siblings, friends, or neighbors.

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There are plenty of alpaca wool cardigans, hats, and mittens to keep your kids cozy and bundled up all winter long as well as linen overalls and retro shirts that transcend the seasons. Dominated by serene colors and plenty of grey, the clothing can easily be layered under or over other pieces for a style that is timeless, yet modern and pays homage to the knits and styles that are a tradition in Iceland. As we head into winter, As We Grow’s soft, touchable, and handmade pieces are the type of garments kids will crave being clothed in.

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As We Grow recently won the 2016 Iceland Design Award for simplicity of their high quality designs and for their environmental values. From choosing only renewable, natural fibers to designing pieces that are made to endure play and work, to providing their employees with a consistent, fair wage, it’s easy to understand why the company’s model should become the industry standard. In the meantime, their thoughtful, beautiful, and wearable pieces will become staples in your child’s wardrobe and covetable hand-me-downs for future generations.

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