Learn About Farmers’ Markets

The first perk this book offers is a rundown of profiles about the fresh fruits and vegetables available at most farmers’ markets. You’ll learn how to tell which produce items are at the peak of freshness and how to store them once you score them. Bonus, this is an all-season book, meaning their are ideas for summer farmers’ markets, but also markets at other times of the year.

Yummy Fresh Recipes

Of course one of the best things about the farmers’ market is that it encourages your family to try new meals together, thus building healthy habits and sustainable eating habits. That in mind, recipes play the key role in this book. With 65 nutritious and kid-pleasing recipes, your family can experiment all year long. Recipes are divided by main ingredient, for example, “corn” or “apples” or “peas and fava beans.” Sample recipes include:

  • Upside Down Apricot Skillet Cake
  • 5 Spice Zucchini Bread
  • Three Bean Soup
  • Corn Tamale Pie
  • Old Fashioned Grape Jelly
  • Almond Milk
  • Watermelon Gelatin with Summer Berries
  • And much more!

Cool Project Ideas

Many of the recipes in the book double as craft activities or as gifts that can be given on holidays or a birthday. For example, you can learn how to beet dye Easter eggs or dry grapes in the fall. There are also cool projects such as berry dyed t-shirts and dried fruit bracelets.

Family Friendly

This is a book for the entire family. The authors focus on cooking activities kids can manage easily, such as rolling dough or shelling peas. That said, there are also recipes with harder steps for kids who are already comfortable in the kitchen. If your child isn’t into cooking, you can focus on projects or simply teach your child how to pick out the best fruits and veggies at the market.

This book, as you’ve seen throughout this gallery, is filled with gorgeous images, sure to delight both kids and adults. The pretty pictures, matched up with fun recipes, tips and projects, makes this book a must have for any family who wants to spend more time at their local farmers’ market.

+ At the Farmers’ Market with Kids $22.95

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