LEGOs are on most kids’ holiday wish lists, but while “Santa” is deciding which set to buy, kids can be inspired with an amazing, seasonal Australian LEGO Christmas tree display. Located in Sydney’s Pitt Street Mall, this LEGO tree stands over 30 feet tall and was built from a combination of 1/2 million LEGO and Duplo blocks! Construction of the tree took five people a total of 1,200 hours to complete, and the final product is decorated with ornaments the size of basketballs and huge hanging candy canes. This impressive holiday visual even lights up for a show each night until Christmas is over. Those of us without Australian travel plans this holiday season can watch a time-lapse video showing the awesome process, from making pieces such as the nutcracker in-studio to using cranes and fork lifts to assemble the mammoth tree. The largest LEGO Christmas tree in the southern hemisphere also reflects local pride with the addition of a koala bear and a surfboard-toting Santa (also built out of LEGO bricks). See the video after the jump!

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Lead image via Insta-LEGO