Before you press post on your latest pic of your tot potty training or playing in the bath, you may want to imagine how she’ll feel about it in fifteen or twenty years. The parents of an 18 year-old are now facing the consequences of posting more than 500 photos on Facebook of their daughter as she grew up. The Austrian teen is suing her parents to take the photos off the site and also wants financial compensation. While the young woman’s father maintains that since he took the photos, he has the rights to use them, the daughter says that her parents knew “no shame and no limits” in posting the private photographs of her, and they didn’t take her requests to remove the photos seriously. In France, parents face hefty fines for posting photos of their minor children on Facebook, as a result of the country’s strict privacy laws, but across the world parents use social media to document and share thousands of moments from their family’s daily lives. The Austrian case will go to court in November, and the young woman’s lawyer believes she has a good chance of winning. Regardless of the outcome, we are certain this will be one of the first of many lawsuits modern-day parents will be facing for their oversharenting.

via USA Today

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