Alexandra Kain

Alexandra is a freelance writer wwoofing her way through Sweden for the summer. She's written articles for the Hermitage Magazine, Transitions Abroad, and The Santa Monica Sun; and worked in-house for Studio Mousetrap and TOUCH. Alex is a volunteer writer and online community organizer for Lotus Outreach and a volunteer translator for the Women's Crisis Centre in St. Petersburg. After growing up in Olympia, she spent a year in Seattle, two in Barcelona, two in LA and shorter stints in Portland, Vienna, Munich and St. Petersburg, Russia. Alex is interested in human rights, social justice, environmentalism, veganism, architecture, art and linguistics. She also enjoys urban adventures and loves camping--mostly so she can cook over an open flame. Someday she'll go to law school and fight for the public interest, but for now there's lots to see and plenty to be done. .