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Andrew Goodwin

Andrew Goodwin is the co-founder and principal architect for ConsciousBuild, Inc, a design, build, and development firm with its roots in sustainability and design activism. As a LEED accredited designer he has had the opportunity to help design corporate, government, and private projects working towards a better environmental responsibility. He is a big believer in designing projects as a humanitarian, where efforts are geared towards a greater social responsibility. Through it all he remains actively grounded in San Luis Obispo, California. Though he was raised in Cincinnati, Andrew's California blood brought him back to San Luis Obispo where he received his degree in Architecture from Cal Poly. When Andrew isn't lecturing students at Cal Poly or writing for his public interest design journal, PUBLIC Journal, you can find him in the mountains with an ice axe and some crampons. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves spending time in nature with his loving wife. Follow him on Twitter @drewcgoodwin.