Danelle Brown

Danelle Marqui Brown is the Principal Director for Verte, a holistic lifestyle studio with doula, wellness, design and lifestyle services. Verte is guided by the holistic principle that every aspect of our lives and the creative expressions of our selves are interconnected. From infancy to beyond retirement, Verte’s clients are any individual, family unit, business or organization who has a realized point of view and/or growing stance on their health, environment, style, and expression. Danelle is a DONA trained labor doula and holds her B.F.A. in Interior Design with a focus on sustainability from FIT. She writes for several blogs, such as and, covering various topics from pregnancy to everyday green lifestyle for men and women. It is her goal and mission to empower through education, design, and innovation. We are all the same, in the fact that we are all born from our mothers. How our mothers were taught, honored, treated, informed, supported throughout their time before and during the transition into motherhood, have had and will have a major impact on the foundation of individual lives and hence, the world. –Danelle Marqui Brown