For women working hard to conceive, there are a wide range of fertility tracking methods that can improve the odds. Charting daily basal body temperature (BBT) is a reliable and inexpensive method for tracking ovulation cycles, but it requires a lot of discipline, since timing is everything. Ava, a new fertility tracking bracelet on the market, makes the process a lot easier by automatically tracking a woman’s BBT, as well as a host of other measurements that can help identify the best times for conception.

Ava is a Fitbit-like wristband that a woman dons at bedtime and wears while she sleeps. It measures skin temperature, resting pulse rate to sleep, breathing rates, and heat loss, compiling all the data in a smartphone app. Ava’s inventors say this new tool can identify a period of five fertile days for women and couples trying to conceive.

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Inexpensive BBT thermometers (combined with other cost-free methods such as observing cervical mucus) can do the same thing, but those techniques require a woman to monitor her temperature manually at the same time each day, which can be a challenge for anyone with a busy lifestyle. In that respect, the Ava wristband could help reduce the stress that naturally comes along with fertility challenges and, in doing so, may improve the chances of getting pregnant.

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Ava is the first FDA-registered wearable fertility device of its kind, and was developed in Switzerland and made in Europe. The accompanying smartphone app is currently available for iOS only, but an Android version is forthcoming. The fertility tracking wristband sells for $199, and its makers say a woman can continue to wear it (at night) once she becomes pregnant, if tracking body functions is important to her and her health care professionals.

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