Cornell University student Blake Uretsky isn’t pregnant, but she certainly did her research to create her new maternity wear collection of mix-and-match dresses, skirts, tops, sweaters, and pants. Uretsky spoke with 30 pregnant women, thoroughly investigated the maternity wear market, and even wore a fake baby bump to try on maternity clothes before she set off to design her own “B” collection, which can be worn before, throughout, and even after pregnancy. “B,” which just earned her a $30,000 scholarship from the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund, goes a step further than any other chic maternity wear we’ve seen: it actually tracks the wearer’s vitals using conductive silver fibers that can sense heart rate, blood pressure, and even activity levels. Uretsky cleverly incorporated a device behind a belt buckle, which transmits the gathered information to a smartphone and can also be emailed to a doctor. We love that this young designer-in-training is looking out for the health, style, and comfort of mamas-to-be.

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