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The Baby Box Co. allows for a la carte purchasing options, so you can splurge on a fully stocked box or simply buy the baby essentials you need. All of the Baby Boxes come with a firm mattress and a fitted sheet, and everything sold on the site is carefully chosen, with lots of organic and natural options like wooden teethers, muslin swaddles, and cotton burp cloths. There’s also the Nature Box option, featuring a bed box fully loaded with natural goodies. All of the mattresses are certified non-toxic and are without icky chemicals like flame retardants, phthalates, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.

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The current collection offers pattern options including owls or mama bears. You can streamline your baby registry by just choosing one of the prepared boxes; it will make a great group gift to celebrate the baby-to-be. We love the well-stocked Every Mother Counts Box, with a portion of the sales going towards a non-profit that focuses on global maternal health.

We also love the idea of not being chained to the bedroom or nursery with a tired tot. Just put the baby box down where you are working, cleaning, playing, or exercising, and baby has a perfect portable place to rest her oh-so-sleepy head. Once baby outgrows the box, you can use it as a handy and sentimental storage box. If sleeping in a box sounds suspect to our own ideas of baby sleep comfort and safety, consider this: Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the entire world. And, despite an already-low infant mortality rate in Canada, a pilot program in Alberta is also attempting to provide certain communities with specially curated baby boxes to give them a boost as new parents. Baby bed boxes may never be handed out at hospitals or birth centers in the U.S. (we dare to dream!), but the Baby Box Co. has you covered (and at a much lower price than most other sleeping solutions) until then.

+ Baby Box Co. bed boxes $69.99-$225.00

+ Baby Box Co.

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