If you were hoping to try the new Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream, which we told you about last week, it looks like you’ve missed your chance. Baby Gaga ice cream, though reportedly popular, has now been outlawed like many of the breast milk foods served at restaurants in the past. Officials in the UK took samples from the London ice cream shop and have now ordered the Icecreamists to take the flavor off their menu. The ice cream was created using the breast milk of mothers who answered an online ad, and health and safety officials banned the flavor over fears that it could contain hepatitis or other viruses associated with consuming other people’s bodily fluids. However, the shop’s founder Matt O’Connor calls the ban an overreaction saying, “Our donor was screened at a leading medical clinic, and then the ice cream mix is fully pasteurized. We have had a fantastic response, and 200 women have come forward and offer[ed] to give us milk.”