In the realm of furniture, we believe that good design is design that adapts to an ever evolving family. How wasteful is it (both in terms of money and resources) to buy new sets of furniture for every stage of your young child’s development? That’s why we were so excited to discover ‘Baby in Table‘ by Japanese designer Oji Masanori. The two pieces of Japanese Beech furniture that comprise Baby in Table evolve with a child from infancy to elementary school via a smart, multifunctional design scheme.

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During the infant stage, Baby in Table allows parents to place their baby inside the cut out square section of the tabletop and enjoy lunch while bonding with their little one. Fast-forward a couple years down the road and the baby seat now holds books and other school supplies — while the table functions as a desk where parents can sit down with their elementary schooler to assist with homework. The chair also doubles as a stepping stool to help kids and adults gain a few extra inches. What I especially like, and being a Dad of two can totally picture, is if you decide to have a second child, you may set baby into the table and he or she will be enthralled and entertained watching his/her older sibling at work or play.

Masanori designed an entire line of kid-furniture called Otomo, a joint project between Japanese furniture maker Toa Ringyo and Sincol, a developer of interior materials and fabrics. Toa Ringyo has a long history of working with natural, domestic wood. They are also doing their part to support recycling efforts by helping schools recycle their old desks and chairs. The intent behind their Otomo line was to create furniture for kids that would teach them about the natural beauty and warmth of wood.

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