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Baby Jives Co mobiles bring nature indoors, introducing wee ones to creatures including birds, butterflies, dragonflies and fish from day one. Each mobile is a unique masterpiece that is dreamy and whimsical by design. Butterflies seem to flutter among the vines and dragonflies take flight, while birds soar or stop to kiss and rest for awhile on their personal perch. One of the most enchanting aspects of Baby Jives Co mobiles are that they are true to form as opposed to being cartoon-ish notions animals. This makes their presence in a room as calming and peaceful as if you happened upon the subjects in nature.

Ives interchanges both bright and subdued hues and she is a master of combining prints and patterns that complement each other in each of her creations. There’s no doubt that you’ll want these mobile to hang out indefinitely in your abode, even after your baby leaves the next.

+ Baby Jives Co Mobiles $48-$168

+ Baby Jives Co