Every parent knows that sleep deprivation goes with the territory of having a baby. You may try to ‘nap when the baby naps’, or opt to let your baby ‘cry it out’ when he’s a little older, but it is pretty much a given that as a new parent you will have dark circles under your perpetually sleep-deprived, bloodshot eyes. Until now! Herbal medicinal company Cradle-2-Cradle has just released a revolutionary new product that promises to solve every new parent’s biggest woe: sleep deprivation. Their new supplement, Baby ZZZs, is an infant sleep aid that can be added to breast milk, formula, food, or simply dropped into a baby’s mouth to encourage long, deep sleep, (with no waking) for up to 10 hours at a time!

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No more rocking a crying baby for hours on end, or trying to problem solve as to why exactly baby won’t fall asleep! No more need to co-sleep or nurse through the night, because Baby ZZZs will have your bundle of joy out like a light.

Baby ZZZs is made with all-natural, organic, homeopathic ingredients, and has no side-effects except a bright, happy and playful baby at 8am. These pills are a dream come true for exhausted parents, and we can’t wait to pop them into our baby’s mouth to catch up on some much needed rest and rejuvenation.

+ Baby ZZZs are available at April Fools Drugs