Babypod was developed after a Spanish gynecological clinic conducted research and found that fetuses as young as 16 weeks can hear and respond to music. After careful consideration of how most sounds are muffled for babies due to the abdominal wall, the doctors realized that the only way for babies to hear clear music is through the vagina. Thus, they developed Babypod, which claims to promote neural development and stimulate the vocalization of unborn babies as evidenced by the way they open their mouths and stick their tongues out when music is played through the Babypod.  Using a phone in conjunction with the speaker capability also offers parents-to-be the opportunity to talk to their fetus. If you’re concerned about how to turn the volume up or down, there’s no need: Babypod stays controlled at 54 decibels, which is equivalent to talking in a hushed tone. There’s also no radio frequency or Bluetooth or battery.

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Babypod comes in a sleek case that resembles one you would use for eyeglasses, as well as a small carry bag. And so that you don’t have to worry about baby hogging your jams, there’s a set of auxiliary earphones so you can listen in as well. If you and your partner have different music tastes, the Babypod also offers the perfect, sly way of indoctrinating your baby-to-be with your preferred type of music. Perhaps if your baby gets used to classic rock, pop, or wherever your musical tastes lie, you can avoid that phase of infancy where tots prefer “kiddie music” and get straight to the parent-approved good stuff.

The doctors who created Babypod hope that it can also possibly be used to help parents and medical professionals make a prenatal diagnosis of deafness, get a better view of the baby’s anatomy as he or she moves and grooves to the music, and simply offer a relaxing way for babies-to-be and their moms to bond.

Watch the video above to see the first-ever concert for babies enjoyed via a vaginal sound system. Now there’s a sentence we never thought we’d type.

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