Ready to relax, spend time out of the house, and maybe even lose some baby weight? Yes? Well, if you live in Tustin, California, then Babywearing Ballet might be just what you need. Babywearing Ballet is an easy-going exercise class designed for moms AND babies – perfect if you’ve got a newborn and you’re ready to get out of the house more, but just aren’t comfortable with the idea of leaving your baby with a babysitter yet. Each Babywearing Ballet class is 45-minutes spent with other moms and babies dancing, toning, stretching, bonding and socializing. In most cases moms in the class wear a secure baby carrier but if  you have a toddling baby, you can allow him out of his baby carrier so he can dance or toddle about on his own. Because the class is set up specifically for moms, stopping for a break to nurse or change your baby is totally ok too. See a class in session after the jump!

Each Babywearing Ballet class kicks off with a nice warm-up at the ballet barre that includes plies, tendus and degages — then the class moves to center floor work that works the lower and upper body via port de bras, positions and choreography. This low impact-toning workout allows your baby to experience all of your movements, rocking motions, soothing classical music and lots of time close to you. Each class concludes with some floor time on mats where the focus is on your core. Even if you’ve never taken a ballet or organized exercise class in your life, you can handle Babywearing Ballet as it’s designed to be perfect for all fitness levels with zero experience required. Expecting moms may join in as well. Learn more at Babywearing Ballet.

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