Gone are the days when mom, and mom alone took care of the baby. Nowadays, REAL men know that dads can help promote breastfeeding, change diapers like a pro, co-sleep like a champ and would never ever dream of referring to taking care of their own tyke as “babysitting.” In some ways, moms still shoulder the bulk of the responsibilities with regard to cleaning house and basic child care, as recent studies indicate. However we’d love to totally even out the parenting playing field and we fully appreciate thoughtfully designed toys that can help us do just that! These adorable Waldorf based knit baby-wearing dolls come in both mama and daddy styles! Made by the amazing Freja Toys, these knit dolls are truly adorable and made with child-safe materials such as 50% wool/50% viscose thread, 100% cotton thread and stuffed with hypo-allergenic toy stuffing. These dolls will let your child know from a young age that both mom and dad can carry and care for a wee babe — a perfect lesson for imaginative kids in the role playing phase. Each of these lovely babywearing dolls comes with both a parent (mom or dad) and a tiny baby in a sling too! Best of all, you will not believe the price. At just $42 a pop it’s almost a crime not to pick one of these dolls up and get your child on a path to parenting equality early on. And of course, these babywearing daddy dolls are also great for families with two proud papas!

+ Freja Dolls $42

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