Sending your little one(s) off to playgroup or the first day of school can be quite the major milestone. Brand new surroundings and encounters surely hold lots of promise, but it is also good to know that you have a trusty friend at your side helping you navigate the unknown. Enter EcoZoo backpacks and their super-cute menagerie of toteable critters. Having an eco friendly pal like this perched on your back is a great way to carry your goods as well as feel snuggled up while setting off on life’s little adventures.

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The EcoZoo series is the kid-stylin’ collectible line created by Eco Gear. Each pack is a fully functional bag but also an adorable pet or toy for kids of all ages. Eco-friendly materials include organically grown cotton canvas and rope, non-toxic dyes, recycled plastic components, and sustainable wood accents. Each backpack is comfy and practical to wear due to padded shoulder straps and internal pockets. We love both the domestic breeds (puppy and pig) as well as the exotic species (panda and elephant). EcoZoo backpacks are great way to help your little ones transition to the world beyond while being environmentally responsible right in their own backyards as well.

All the EcoZoo styles are well priced at $29.99

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