Sending the kids back to school can be a happy time for parents who are eager to get their youngsters out of the house after a looooong summer! But kids may want to stay home well past the 8am school bell! If you’re looking for an inspiring way to help your child get to school on time in the mornings, get him or her this awesome Bamboo Soil Clock powered by — dirt!

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Created by Dutch designer Marieke Staps, this ingenious clock works with copper and zinc electrodes that plug straight into soil. The soil functions as a conductive medium through which an electrical charge can flow — providing a natural energy source. Just remember to keep your plants hydrated in order to keep your clock working. The best part is that you can use any two plants you want, making this timekeeper customizable to your tastes.

The cool biological energy factor is not the only green feature of this clock. It is also handmade in the Netherlands out of bamboo, an inherently sustainable material. It’s the perfect gift to get any kid interested in science and alternative sources of energy – and out of bed in the morning!

+ Bamboo Soil Clock $39.95