Sustainable dollhouses are becoming big business. We’ve seen many a green dollhouse to adore here at Inhabitots, including a downloadable paper dollhouse and a recycled DIY dollhouse! However, the Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse from Hape International takes the cake when it comes to sustainable living and shaping green, imaginative young minds during dollhouse playtime. Featuring working solar panels and an add-on greenhouse in which a child may grow real plants, this dollhouse gives kids a jumpstart on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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The Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse is one of the best combos of eco-friendly materials, contemporary design, and modern technology that we’ve seen. This is great news for both parents looking to keep their child’s playtime safe and green, and for kids who like more options and modern day amenities added into their dollhouse play.

The Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse features many amazing eco-friendly perks such as:

  • Made with 95% sustainable bamboo
  • Comes complete with adjustable, fully operational solar panels. Yes, they really work! These panels absorb light energy and transfer it to four rechargeable batteries.
  • The energy gained from the panels is used to brighten three rooms of this beautiful dollhouse with 5 LED lights. Just like in a real sustainable home, the wires run from the solar panel to the batteries through the wall. Kids can also insert an Apple iPod (charged by the solar panels) into a wall to function as a working flat-screen television for the dolls.
  • The bamboo is covered in a light water-based stain and polished with beeswax, both of which provide a natural and safe satin finish for your child.

The Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse comes complete with 3 acrylic panels that can serve as exterior or interior walls, plus nine rooms worth of modern, colorful, and fun furniture — and of course a modern family of five to inhabit such a fabulous abode. We especially LOVE the add-on greenhouse, in which your child can really grow small plants, herbs, or wheatgrass. Age 3 +

+ Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse $499.95

$49.95 Greenhouse available by phone order only TOLL FREE 888-MOD-LOLA (663-5652)

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