Many parents stash away their kids’ baby teeth as sentimental keepsakes of early childhood, but it turns out there is an even more compelling reason to hang on to those pearly whites. Baby teeth contain stem cells, just like those found in umbilical cord blood, and it’s possible for those cells to be extracted from the teeth and preserved to aid in the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses, just as soon as medical science catches up. Yahoo! Parenting reports that 20 or so agencies have popped up across the country, offering preservation kits to parents and dentists so the tiny chompers can be shipped back to their labs, where stem cells are extracted, frozen, and cryogenically stored for a later date. The process of harvesting and storing stem cells from baby teeth isn’t exactly simple or cheap. Initial costs range from $849 to $1,749 with annual fees of around $120. For parents of young children who have a serious illness, it’s a small price to pay for the chance to someday cure their child for good.

via Yahoo! Parenting

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