We’ve seen architecture Barbie, President Barbie, Sports Illustrated Cover Model Barbie, Doctor Barbie and I think we all remember Ballerina Barbie from when we were kids. In fact, all-in-all, Barbie has held more than 150 jobs down since her debut over 55 years ago. Now though, she may be taking on her toughest job ever — as a Tech Entrepreneur. The new Entrepreneur Barbie is available in four ethnicities and carries all the key essentials of a start-up entrepreneur, including a tablet, smartphone and briefcase. She’s dressed for the next big tech pitch, in a sophisticated signature pink dress, though some luxe details like a glam necklace, cool clutch and elegant hairstyle, may be a bit over the top, and seriously, where’s her reusable coffee mug for all those late nighters? There are clearly some well-known tough aspects of being a woman (or anyone) in a tech career, still, Mattel says they hope Entrepreneur Barbie will help inspire a new generation of female entrepreneurs and CNN notes that she even comes with a marketing back story in which Mattel partnered with eight real-life female entrepreneurs to serve as “chief inspiration officers.” What do you think? Will you buy your daughter (or son) the new Entrepreneur Barbie? Let us know in the comments.

+ Barbie Entrepreneur Doll $12.99

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