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Kids can choose between the original Barbie type or three new body types: tall, curvy, and petite. The dolls are wearing a variety of clothing styles and accessories from preppy ensembles to classic dresses to rocking punk multicolored hairdos. Some even eschew Barbie’s famous obsession with high heels for more reasonable flats, although most dolls are still shown in the stereotypical feminine and flirty apparel and footwear that Barbie is known for. Barbie haters are gonna hate, and there’s always more to say about the unrealistic, plastic looks of even the new Barbies, such as how even the new dolls all sport toned arms and legs. However, we’re glad that Mattel finally listened to the public (as well as likely responded to the doll’s declining sales over the past few years) and created a Barbie world that is beginning to look a little more like the world we live in.

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