Barefoot toys are unique, brightly colored, organic toys that will delight any child. These adorable soft eco toys are filled with character and vibrancy, and they’re sure to pique a child’s curiosity and make her want to learn more about the animal kingdom. Above is the Rainbow Caterpillar who comes with 16 detachable donut rings perfectly sized for small hands.

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All materials used by Barefoot are handmade, child-safe, and eco-friendly. The yarn used by Barefoot is created with 100% handwoven cotton fibers that have been hand dyed using Swiss colorfast ecological, non-toxic pigments. Each Barefoot plush animal is stuffed with kapok, a natural, non-synthetic plant fiber. Barefoot is also a Fair Trade company.

Barefoot animals can be tricky to find in the U.S. Your best bet is to visit Organic By Nature, a Canadian company. Organic By Nature carries a large selection of Barefoot animals.

Australian residents have many shopping choices (Barefoot seems to be all the rage in Australia). You can visit Puddle Beach for a huge selection of Barefoot toys or Barefoot Australia. Prices vary at the different shops, but overall, Barefoot toys cost less than most typical green stuffed toys you see.

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