Your kids may not be the only ones who want to escape off into a treehouse. This treehouse by German designer, Baumraum, could be a parent’s dream backyard getaway spot too. The Froschköenig Treehouse, is a one-room, prefab sleep heaven built from tatajuba wood with a curved zinc roof. With large windows on either side and slim side windows, the interior is naturally-lit, making it seem larger than it really is. Built on bamboo stilts above a shallow pool of water, the Froshköenig Treehouse has an almost cartoonish feel, but is still stylish and sophisticated enough for adults.

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Baumraum is a well-known treehouse designer and manufacturer who has built hundreds of imaginative and creative treehouses for both adults and children. They focus on building with quality materials and incorporating the treehouse into the natural surroundings. The Froschköenig resides in a private garden in Munster. A beautiful deck and catwalk built onto steel stilts leads up to the house. The exterior is constructed from tatajuba wood with a roof made from zinc. Meanwhile the interior is finished in white glazed ash that gives it a clean and simple look — perfect for an adult retreat built at treetop height.

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