Making your own homemade organic baby food is a tasty and healthy way to feed your little one; but finding non-toxic storage options that won’t result in freezer burned food can be tricky. Simplify the baby food making process, and your life, with a set of clever Beaba Multiportion Freezer Trays. Each BPA-free silicone container consists of seven perfectly measured 2-oz. cups, so you know precisely how much your baby is eating with each serving. The airtight plastic lid helps preserve fresh flavors, textures and nutrients. For baby mealtimes, simply pop out a portion, heat and serve. These freezer trays are both microwavable and dishwasher safe, and they’re available in two lively colors: green or orange. Bon Appetit!

+ Beaba Multiportion Freezer Trays $19.95

+ Williams-Sonoma