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It sounds like a dream that urban dwellers have for their kiddos: a place where the community can learn about nature in a hands-on way, grow and forage fruits and vegetables and other edibles together, all within city limits. In Seattle, that dream is in the process of coming true. What began as a final project for a permaculture design course will soon be a fully operating food forest, or a plot of land that mimics a woodland eco-system, complete with edible trees, plants, and flowers. Plans for Beacon Food Forest (BFF) include a community garden, a Gathering Plaza for festivities and education, a kid’s area specifically designed for play and learning, and a berry picking patch among other areas. Planting has already taken place for several varieties of trees and berry bushes.

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This brilliant urban forest “farm,” located near Jefferson Park in Seattle, is a collaboration that illustrates urban land use and sharing at its best: the land will be stewarded by Beacon Forest Farm on land owned by the Seattle Public Utilities and has been supported by grants from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods.  Beacon Forest Farm has called upon the community for help, and the community has answered heartily: BFF volunteers have written grants, aided in design elements, and participated in community work days with hundreds attending and working the land. Along with being a boon for the environment, BFF hopes to serve as a way to bring community members together, so if you’re in the Seattle area, get involved. If you’re not, maybe Beacon Food Forest can provide a model for replication in your own local area. We can’t wait to see how Seattle’s citizens, especially its families, take advantage of this unique, beautifully designed and constructed space.

The first phase of BFF is scheduled to open this summer in Seattle, just in time for luscious fruits, veggies, herbs, and more for all!

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