If you’re throwing a large Halloween party, the least expensive organic Halloween cookie route is DIY. But, while baking and decorating dozens and dozens of Halloween cookies is yes, doable, not all of us have killer baking skills or oodles of time on our hands. So, instead of tasty treats, you might end up with nothing more than a mess of a kitchen and a whole lot of stress. In many cases buying organic cookies is just plain easier. The problem? Cost. Look around; organic cookies can cost $2 or more each. That’s a lot when you’ve got ten to twenty (or more) hungry little ghosts and goblins to treat. The solution? Cookie Rush! Cookie Rush not only bakes up fresh organic (and gorgeous) cookie treats but Cookie Rush cookies cost well under what you’d pay for similar organic treats.

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Cookie Rush handcrafted organic cookies are made with entirely organic ingredients and vegetable-based food coloring. When possible, local ingredients are used as well. Each cookie is safely hand-rolled, baked and decorated in a licensed commercial kitchen. Additionally, recycled and biodegradable packaging materials are used to pack and ship cookies whenever possible. Their Halloween cookies are available in several festive shapes including pumpkins, creepy crawlers, tiny bones, fall leaves, acorns, spooky eyes and more. Beyond Halloween, Cookie Rush offers adorable cookies perfect for an eco-friendly baby shower or a child’s birthday party. Plus, Cookie Rush will make custom cookie designs to fit your needs, just ask! Best of all, as mentioned above Cookie Rush is affordable. All the cookies you see in this post are under $1 each, and most are under 50¢ each, which means your Halloween event will be lovely, organic, delicious and cost-friendly!

+ Tiny Pumpkin Cookies $13.50 (3 dozen)

+ Large Creepy Crawlers $15.00 (1 dozen)

+ Cookie Rush