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LEGO artist and graphic designer Mike Doyle curates an impressive collection of flora and fauna in his latest book. He includes interviews with the LEGO artists who created each brick by brick masterpiece, providing insight and reflection. With scenes both whimsical and surprisingly focused on scientific details, the book takes readers and viewers around the world with creatures and places both exotic and familiar.

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An underwater scene is a riot of colors and features a crab, a turtle, a sea star, and octopus, and a variety of fish including the cutest (and likely only) LEGO pufferfish we’ve ever laid eyes on. But these and the other LEGO creations are more than just innovative creations that are pretty to look at; they also provide compelling reasons for us to ponder the environment and the changes that are occurring within it. One of curator Doyle’s own creations, about mountaintop removal, uses LEGOs as a powerful statement to  raise awareness of a current environmental issue. Made with around 10,000 LEGOs, the scene is effective at transforming a mature issue that affects us all into one that kids can understand.

But the scenes aren’t all so politically charged, with many featuring realistic and beautifully built nature snapshots. From an endearing mother otter floating in a LEGO sea with her baby on her chest to a mother deer nuzzling her own baby, the LEGO tableaux make for surprisingly poignant and sentimental scenes. A butterfly perched on a cluster of pink flowers is as impressive in construction as many of the tall, complicated towers usually associated with LEGO, but it offers a realistic glimpse into a wildlife moment and will hopefully peak the interest of young LEGO builders who would rather hang out indoors with these little plastic pieces than venture outdoors. Beautiful LEGO: Wild! will amaze and inspire you and your family to start thinking way beyond the basic brick and out into nature.

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