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Each of Barrique’s pieces, from Angela Missoni’s Swing Chair to the gorgeous Letizia Cradle shown above, is made from wood sourced from a 230 liter cask made from French Oak. After the barrels have been used for a maximum of five years to age wine, they are sent to the workshop to be turned into over 34 different works. The character of the hands working on every table and chair as well as the individuality of the wood gives every piece a distinctive personality, far from the monotony of prefabricated, flat-packed furniture. Sold through the San Patrignano network, Barrique directly benefits young people struggling with addiction.

The Barrique page offers a background for each piece, including preliminary sketches and a description by the designer explaining their inspirations and methods. Many of the architects drop into the workshop to meet the people bringing their drawings to life. Using reclaimed wood is certainly an enlightened way to upcycle a material that would normally be destroyed after a limited life span. It is also a potent symbol for the young people emerging from addiction, that everyone and everything deserves a second chance.

The catalog is available for download, and purchases may be made through the Barrique website.

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