For increased durability and convenience, the table’s surface is covered with high-quality, biodegradable furniture linoleum. This linoleum is non-toxic, manufactured from renewable and natural materials that render this table essentially scratch, fade and stain resistant. The surface also won’t pick up grimy little fingerprints and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Grasshopper Kids Chairs

This chair style was originally designed for adults, but it translates beautifully to child-sized. These lovely wavy chairs are rugged and stable, yet add an air of lightness and sophistication to the playroom. The chair features an ergonomic and organic shape encouraging children to keep their posture straight. The chairs are stackable for easy storage.

Safe for Kids

The SIXKID collection is made of natural and eco-friendly materials. Smooth edges and rounded corners means this furniture is extra safe for young kids. Lightweight construction equals no heavy falls should a kid knock into this furniture. All finishes are naturally treated with zero paint for fewer chemicals and a longer lasting finish.

+ Beck to Nature SIXKID Table $500.00

+ Beck to Nature Grasshopper SIXKID Chair $350.00

+ Fawn & Forest