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The first (most inexpensive) way allows you to put your customized head on any existing LEGO figurine. All you do is upload a forward-facing photo and a profile photo and then choose hair color and hairstyle with options ranging from a bun to an Elvis-style do to a buzz cut and everything in between. The company then creates your teeny tiny 15mm likeness by using face recognition technology. A 5mm diameter hole on the neck means that if you are feeling like Kylo Ren one day and Rey the next, you can change up your face to your LEGO body accordingly.

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Another option is to become a mini superhero without the need for your own LEGO figurine. The selection is pretty extensive, but we hope Funky 3D Faces offers more female-friendly options in the future: Wonder Woman and Catwoman are looking pretty lonely amongst a slew of the usual superhero suspects like Batman, Thor, Spiderman, and (our favorite) Wolverine. The customization process is the same and the figurines ship for free worldwide.

Funky 3D Faces is an offshoot of a printing company that makes 3D bones and architectural models. Their side project is a fun and more affordable way to bring the 3D printing process to the public. To make these personalized heads a fun purchase for the whole family, the company is offering a buy 2, get the third free option this month.

+ 3D head without LEGO mini figure $30.05

+ Mini hero heads £29.99

+ Funky 3D Faces

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All images via Funky 3D Faces’s Facebook page or screenshot via their website