Who would have thought a Water Buffalo could be such a cute and lovable Valentine gift? Become Smitten thinks the water buffalo is worthy of some cuddling, along with a range of other endangered animals in plush form including frogs, owls, wolves, rhinos, marmots, bunnies, and more. Each unique stuffie is individually handmade with organic or recycled fabrics exclusively — and each boasts his own sweet personality!

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All of Become Smitten’s stuffed pals, such as Mr. Elephant above, are based on endangered animals of British Columbia, Canada as well as some of the top critically endangered animals in the world. The line was created to spotlight animals across the globe who need our attention and care — which is a great lesson for your little one to learn this Valentine’s Day. Each endangered animal also comes with his own tote bag so your child can take him everywhere to help spread the lesson and the love.

+ Endangered Animals with Tote Bag $42-$48

+ Become Smitten