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The frame of the Bedtime Stories bed features three colored panels that may be used as book storage on one side, while the other side may be used to lean up against while reading. There is also a section of the frame which boasts a cut out to serve as a perfect, impromptu puppet stage. The blanket/tarp enables you to make a tent, magic carpet, patch of grass, or whatever else you can dream up to embellish the story and make it more exciting and visceral. Ridder & Clown offer, “Reading is not only fun, it’s also very important in the development of the child. The bed is an important factor in this, because it’s the place where a lot of the reading takes place.” They add, “Most of the research we did was in finding a form for reading and storing books, while letting the bed be a part of the story. These were the priorities of the design.In a way that the bed looks still like a bed, as opposed to a race car for example.” Their goal is for Bedtime Stories to be a bed that translates itself to the fantasy of the child — where the bed becomes the context of the story.

Bedtime Stories is currently a prototype, but Ridder & Clown are happy to make individual beds as they are ordered while they search for a company to produce this design on a larger scale. They currently make the Bedtime Stories bed out of sustainably sourced Yellow poplar.

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