Iā€™ve always been interested in what goes into the making of a baby brand. Curious to find out if it takes more than an adorable image, powdery Pantones, and a few genius strokes of a Stylus pen in Adobe Illustrator, I contacted Randi Kofman, VP of Marketing at Adiri, Inc. and asked her a few questions about the company logo. This is the first in a series of ā€˜Behind the Baby Brandā€™ interviews.

When Adiriā€™s BreastbottleĀ® Nurser was introduced to the public in 2000 not many consumers knew what to make of the bosom-shaped bottles. Were they too breast-like? Not breast-like enough? Would women see the product as a threat to the sanctity of their maternal bonding rite? And what would men think?

Today the Breastbottles share shelf space with established traditional brands such as AVENT and EvenFlo proving that the more natural a brand positions itself as being, the more successful the resulting business potential. The Adiri bottle has also become a media darling, being featured in publications such as New York and FitPregnancy magazines and has been featured in posts on countless mom blogs. But not many have taken a moment to consider the Adiri logo with its iconic happy baby ā€˜Aā€™.

Here is what Randi had to share about the Adiriā„¢ logo>

An overview of the genesis of the Adiriā„¢ logo:
John Prentiss, the founder of Adiri, Inc. created the name ā€œAdiriā€ by rearranging the letters from the name of a woman he had loved. According to Melanesian mythology, Adiri also means ā€œparadiseā€. Very possibly, Mr. Prentiss ā€” a man with a deep spiritual side ā€” drew upon this meaning, too. When Jennifer Morrill, Mr. Prentissā€™ daughter, took over the helm of Adiri, she redesigned the Adiri logo, creating the current ā€œContented Babyā€ logo, which is softer and more modern than its predecessor.

What design team (professional or otherwise) completed the final look of logo?
Jennifer Long of Long Design.
How is one expected to interpret the logo?
We designed the logo to be soft, simple and modern, like our products, yet classic enough to stand the test of time. To communicate our focus on simple, healthy baby products, we incorporated a contented baby face into the Adiri logo. The baby face is also used as a stand-alone icon. ??

As a company with an innovative product, do you find the bottle’s shape competing with the brand?
No. ā€œAdiriā€ will brand an entire platform of healthy, functional and fashionable products for mom and baby.

Did any sustainability concepts (eco, green, etc.) go into the logo design? ??
ā€œHealthiest, happiest babyā€ is part of Adiriā€™s stated mission. As such, we wanted to incorporate a sense of peace and contentedness through the soft colors and shapes included in our logo.

The 100% polycarbonate-free and bisphenol-A free Natural Nurserā„¢ Baby Bottle has won numerous design awards including a Red Dot Design Award in March of 2008 and a Medical Design Excellence Award more recently for its ā€œsoft, safe, simple designā€.

The Adiri BreastbottleĀ® Nurser retails for around $13 for a single bottle (available in multi-packs)

+ www.adiri.com